Delays in Payments Scheduled Through Bank Online Bill Pay

The HC MUD 71 Board is aware that some customers pay their water bills through their bank’s online bill pay service.  Although you may set up your payments with your bank online, many banks issue a paper check for the payment, which is placed in the mail for delivery to MUD 71’s operator, Regional Water Corporation (Regional Water). Please be advised that we have been notified by numerous residents of extended delays between when a customer scheduled a bill for payment through their bank’s online bill pay service and when the payment was actually delivered to Regional Water. This appears to be caused by longer than normal mail delivery times by the United States Postal Service.

If a mailed payment contains a postmark date, the payment will be dated on the customer’s account as of the postmark date. However, payments made through a bank’s online bill pay service often do not contain a postmark date and, accordingly, are dated as of the date they are received by Regional Water. If the payment does not have a postmark date and is received after the due date, pursuant to the MUD 71 Rate Order, you will be responsible for all late fees and penalties on your delinquent account, which may include disconnection of water service. Please review the terms and conditions for your bank’s online bill pay service and contact your bank directly for any questions about delays in payments made through their service.

MUD 71 offers numerous convenient electronic payment options that can help to minimize these issues. Please visit, or contact Regional Water at (281) 897-9100, for more information.