Woodring Park Improvements Project

If you’ve recently driven by Harris County MUD 71’s Woodring Park, located on the south side of Clay Road west of Lakes of Bridgewater Drive, you’ve likely noticed the major park and parking lot improvements that are nearing completion.  The purpose of this project is to expand and modernize the park’s splash pad and playground facilities for kids of all ages, and to provide a new space for our community to gather with the addition of a pavilion in the center of the park.

Since construction of the project began last spring, the MUD 71 Board has received a number of questions regarding the project.  In particular, residents have been curious about the funding for the project.  On November 8, 2005, MUD 71 held a bond election at which the voters were asked, among other things, whether MUD 71 should be authorized to issue a maximum amount of $6,630,000 of bonds for parks and recreational facilities.  The election passed with 77.8% of those who voted in the election voting in favor of the issuance of the park bonds.

Over the years, MUD 71 generally has been phasing in park improvements over time using operating funds on hand, including the construction of a trail around Lonestar Lake on the west side of Mason Road north of Calderbrook Drive, and the rehabilitation of Bundy Lake Park and Plaza at the northeast corner of Mason Road and Lakes of Bridgewater Drive.  Recently, however, the MUD 71 Board has faced larger challenges with the splash pad and playground facilities at Woodring Park nearing the end of their useful life, as well as resident requests for additional trail improvements around Mirror Lake and one of the Morton Ranch detention facilities.

In order to timely and efficiently complete these projects, the MUD 71 Board has elected to issue $3,940,000 of the $6,630,000 authorized amount of park bonds to pay for these projects.  MUD 71 has received approval from its oversight body, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, for the bonds and expects to issue the bonds in mid-March 2023.  Based upon the financial information and projections provided by MUD 71’s financial advisor, the MUD 71 Board currently does not expect to increase the District’s total tax rate or utility bill rates as a result of issuing these bonds.

The MUD 71 Board looks forward to the completion of the Woodring Park Improvements Project.  Stay tuned for more information about a grand opening event expected to occur in May!

Security Tips for the Holidays

Unfortunately criminal activity increases during the holiday season. Whether you are venturing out shopping, engaging in entertainment, celebrating the holidays at home, or traveling to visit family or friends:

  • Be sure to ensure your home and car doors are locked.
  • Do not forget to activate your alarm systems.
  • If you are out after dark try to stay near well-lit areas.
  • Whenever possible try not to go out after dark or at night alone.
  • Make an extra effort to be vigilant of your surroundings and be aware of strangers that approach you on foot or in a vehicle.
  • Try to keep at least one hand free at all times.
  • Keep your cell phone or remote panic button handy, in order to alert others if you have an emergency or critical incident.
  • Try to notify someone, via phone, email or text, if you plan on being out alone or for an extended time period.
  • Always tell someone if you plan on drastically changing your normal routine and have a check-in plan.
  • Break down all boxes for TVs and other electronic equipment or expensive items.
  • If you are traveling and will be away from your home, consider signing up for the free vacation watch service from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (select MUD 71 from the “HCSO Contracts” drop down menu): https://apps.harriscountyso.org/Programs/programs_VacationWatch.aspx.

If you see any suspicious activity in the District, please report it promptly to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, at (713) 221-6000.  As always, in the event of an emergency situation, please dial 9-1-1.

Be safe, and have a happy holiday season!