Electronic Payment Options

Bill Payment Difficulties

The Harris County MUD No. 71 Board has received reports of customer difficulties with certain payment options for water bills, including with Western Union and Kroger stores. The District’s operator, Regional Water Corporation, is working with the payment processor, Compass Bank, to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. If you have an issue with a water bill payment, please contact Regional Water Corporation, at (281) 897-9100 and press option 1.

Bill Payment Options

A list of the District’s payment options is available here: https://hcmud71.com/electronic-payment-options.

Your water bill can now be paid using one of the following automated payment options:

Via Credit Card

  • Log on to secure website to pay water bill via credit card by logging onto: http://www.paymyutilitybill.com.
  • Enter 15 digit account number exactly as it is printed on your water bill and enter amount to be paid.
  • Website will validate the District Name and will ask if you want to make payment to Harris County MUD No. 71.
  • Confirm that the “District Name” and “Payment Amount” is correct and you will be prompted to enter your Visa, Discover or MasterCard credit card and billing information. Click “Complete Payment” button and payment is processed.
  • You will receive a confirmation receipt that contains a unique confirmation number once payment is processed and accepted.
    Please note that a confirmation number will not be given for declined transactions.
  • Customer pays 5% per transaction to the internet service provider.*
    (Example: $60.00 water bill x 5% transaction fee = $63.00 charge to credit card.)

Check by Phone

  • Contact Compass Bank Telephone Payment Center
    Phone: 713-881-0675
    Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm CST; Monday through Friday excluding bank holidays. Compass Bank call center receives high volume of calls at certain times of the month. You may receive a message to call back or a busy signal. Plan on paying your water bill several days in advance of due date to avoid payment delay.
  • Customer must provide District Name, entire 15 digit account number, amount to be paid and banking information.
  • Customer will be given confirmation number to verify authorization of the transaction and will be mailed a written notification within 3 business days of the transaction.
  • Customer pays $3.95 per transaction to the service provider.*
    (Example: $60.00 water bill + $3.95 transaction fee = $63.95 payment.)

Western Union Convenience Pay

  • Customer can pay water bill at select HEB, Kroger or other Western Union Convenience pay locations. Cash, check and money order are accepted forms of payment at these locations.
  • Western Union Convenience pay locations can only accept payment using the properly formatted 15 digit account number water bill coupon.
  • You must have the payment coupon present when paying at select HEB, Kroger or other Western Union Convenience pay locations. (Coupon is attached with water bill.) Allow 2 business days for payment to be received at Regional Water Corp.
  • Customer is issued a receipt for payment which contains store location, Western Union employee name, customer 15 digit account number, date paid and amount paid.
  • Customer pays $1.00 per transaction fee to service provider.*
    (Example: $60.00 water bill + $1.00 transaction fee = $61.00 payment.)

Automatic Bank Draft

  • Customer contacts the District’s Operator, Regional Water Corporation, 281-897-9100, Option 1, for authorization form
  • Customer completes the authorization form and returns the authorization form with a canceled check to Compass Bank.
  • It takes approximately two months before the Direct Payment Plan begins.
  • Please continue to make payments until your water bill is marked “Bank Draft”.
  • Customer pays $1.00 per transaction to the service provider.*
    (Example: $60.00 water bill + $1.00 transaction fee = $61.00 payment)

On-Line Bill Pay

  • Customer initiates on-line check payment through their internet bill payment provider.
  • Customer provides the bill payment provider the District Name, 15 digit account number, settlement date and payment amount.
  • Funds are transferred immediately from customer account and payment is mailed to Regional Water Corp. Allow 7-10 business days for payment to be received at Regional Water Corp.
  • Customer pays $1.00 per transaction to the service provider. *
    (Example: $60.00 water bill + $1.00 transaction fee = $61.00 payment.)

Electronic payment options will be reported to the operating company, Regional Water Corporation, within 48 hours excluding week-ends/holidays. Western Union and On-Line Bill payments may take longer to receive. Please contact Regional Water regarding your electronic payment questions at 281-897-9100, Option 1.

*Transaction fee amounts are set and paid by the customer directly to the service provider. Harris County MUD No. 71 and/or Regional Water Corporation does not receive any portion of the transaction fee amount paid by the customer to the service provider.

Customers can continue to pay their water bill by mailing their payment to:

Harris County MUD NO. 71
P O Box 690406
Houston, TX 77269-0406

Customers can continue to pay their water bill in person between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday:

Regional Water Corporation
12841 Jones Rd, Suite 120
Houston, TX 77070

Direct Payment Plan Information and Form (PDF)