*New* Smart Meters – Action Needed to Access New Features

The Harris County MUD 71 Board recently completed the replacement of all water meters in the District with new electronic smart meters. These meters will allow customers to monitor their water consumption on a daily basis through the Eye On Water website portal or mobile app, which may assist you with the detection of waters leaks and understanding how much water is used during irrigation and with other heavy water use activities.

In order to access the new smart meter tools, you first need to create a new Eye On Water account and register your smart meter. Visit https://eyeonwater.com/signup to access the online portal or to download the mobile app. When creating the account, you will need your mailing address zip code and water service account number (50099-xxxxxxxxxx) exactly as shown on your water bill.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Harris County MUD 71 operator, Regional Water Corporation, at (281) 897-9100.