Debris Removal Recommendations

Best Trash contracts are for normal amounts of residential waste and recycling collection.  Our contracts do not include debris removal as a result of a natural disaster.  FEMA has declared the winter storm we just experienced a natural disaster.  Therefore, the debris generated due to this disaster is not covered under the terms of the contracts.  This would include debris removal from inside of the house as a result of flooding from broken pipes.  Additionally, any frozen landscape removed would also be excluded.  Past disasters including hurricanes and flood debris removal has been covered by FEMA.  A few options to dispose of debris are mentioned below.

Here are the different options for the residents to remove their winter storm debris:

  1. Check with Waste Management to see if you are serviced by their Bagster service areas.  Even if they do not normally service your neighborhood, they will provide service for Bagsters throughout certain portions of the Houston and surrounding areas.  Please go to for more information.
  2. Check with the Bull Bag to see if you are in an area that they service.  Please go to for more information.
  3. Best Trash does have the ability to provide a special collection service for debris removal, for an additional charge.  For pricing, please email several pictures of the debris and your address to to get a quote.  If a resident proceeds with payment, Best Trash will schedule the pickup.
  4. Residents of Harris County can call 281-463-6300 to find out more about debris removal or go to for more information about the Winter Recovery Program.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Best Trash at 281-313-2378 or email