HCMUD 71 Receives Most Outstanding Project Award

Katy Area Districts Council Project AwardsThe First Annual Katy Area Districts Council Project Awards presented a special awards event on April 19, 2016 in Katy, Texas. Katy Area Municipal Utility and other Special Purpose Districts were eligible to submit applications. The recipients were judged in each of the five award categories that have made significant contributions to the Katy area community.

Harris County Municipal Utility District NO. 71 submitted an application to the Katy Area Districts Council Awards program for Landscaping, Parks & Trails and was awarded the Most Outstanding Project Award for Landscaping, Parks & Trails. HCMUD71 is a category IV Water District with approximately 5,200 water connections. The following summarizes the District’s project, DIRECTORS PARK REFORESTATION PROJECT, according to the criteria provided.

Click here to read more about the Director’s Park Reforestation Project that won the award for the District.