Garbage Collection Guidelines

Pursuant to Harris County MUD 71’s agreement with its garbage and recycling provider, Best Trash, trash cans are limited to 40 gallons in size, and the total weight of each can must not exceed 40 pounds.  Residents may have more than one trash can as long as each trash can does not exceed 40 gallons or 40 pounds.  Please note that barrels, drums, and/or collapsible containers are not accepted.

Best Trash provides twice a week trash collection to MUD 71 residents, so residents are encouraged to put trash out both service days to avoid an overflow of trash bags.  Please do not use any trash cans larger than 40 gallons or weighing more than 40 pounds, as they may not be emptied and will be tagged stating that they exceed the size limit.

For more information regarding the garbage collection guidelines, please visit or contact Best Trash by phone, at (281) 313-2378, or by e-mail, at  The District appreciates your assistance with this matter.

Tropical Storm Nicholas

The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Watch for inland Harris County and a Tropical Storm Warning for coastal Harris County and many other surrounding counties in the Houston metropolitan area, as Tropical Storm Nicholas continues to strengthen and approach the Texas coast. Over the next several days, the Houston metropolitan area may receive significant amounts of rainfall which could result in localized flooding. There also is a risk of wind and other damage from the storm.

The District’s water operator, Regional Water Corporation (RWC), is implementing its emergency preparedness procedures, as necessary, and will continue to monitor the progress of the storm and adjust its procedures accordingly. Please contact RWC at (281) 897-9100 at any time to report issues with District facilities.

Additional information and updates about the storm are available through the following:

The District encourages you to review your emergency preparedness plan and to continue to frequently monitor information about the storm as it develops.