Harris Galveston Subsidence District and West Harris County Regional Water Authority

Harris County MUD 71 is within the boundaries of the Harris Galveston Subsidence District (the Subsidence District), which regulates groundwater withdrawal. The Subsidence District has adopted regulations requiring reduction of groundwater withdrawals through conversion to alternate source water (e.g., surface water) in certain areas within the Subsidence District’s jurisdiction, including the land within Harris County MUD 71. The Subsidence District imposes disincentive fee penalties, currently $8.46 per 1,000 gallons of water, for groundwater use that exceeds its regulations.

For more information about the Subsidence District, please visit: http://hgsubsidence.org

In 2001, the Texas legislature created the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (the Authority) to, among other things, reduce groundwater usage in, and to provide surface water to, the western portion of Harris County and a small portion of Fort Bend County. Harris County MUD 71 is located within the boundaries of the Authority. The Authority has entered into a Water Supply Contract with the City of Houston to obtain treated surface water from Houston. The Authority has developed a groundwater reduction plan (GRP) and obtained Subsidence District approval of its GRP. The Authority’s GRP sets forth the Authority’s plan to comply with the Subsidence District regulations, construct surface water facilities, and convert users from groundwater to alternate source water (e.g., surface water). Harris County MUD 71 has not yet been converted to alternate source water, but instead currently pays pumpage fees to the Authority in the amount of $2.45 per 1,000 gallons of groundwater pumped.

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For more information about the Authority, please visit: http://www.whcrwa.com

Help Protect Our Lakes, Bayous, and Creeks

Harris County MUD No. 71 needs your help in protecting our lakes, bayous, and other water bodies.  You may not be aware that the storm drains along the street in front of your home are separate from the sanitary sewer drains that collect wastewater in your home from your sink, toilet, shower, and other appliances. Unlike the sanitary sewer system, the storm sewers transfer rainwater and other substances deposited in the storm drains directly out into the lakes, bayous, and creeks in your community. Because the water usually is not treated, contaminants placed in the storm sewers can travel directly into our waterways, potentially harming local plants and wildlife.

In order to help protect our waterways, please do not place anything into the storm drains. The only thing that should be going into the storm drains is rainwater! Some of the most common contributors to storm water pollution in our area include grass clippings and other yard waste, paint and other household chemicals, and fat, oil, and grease.

For information on ways to minimize storm water pollution when maintaining your yard and tips on disposing of yard waste, please visit: http://www.cleanwaterways.org/downloads/brochures/Grass%20Clippings_ENG.pdf

For information on determining how much paint to purchase, and storing and properly disposing of paint, please visit: http://www.cleanwaterways.org/downloads/brochures/Paint_The%20Household%20Paint%20Planner%20Brochure.pdf

For information on the proper disposal of household hazardous waste, please contact Harris County’s Hazardous Waste Facility at (281) 560-6200 or visit: http://eng.hctx.net/watershed/hhw_facility.html

For information on the proper disposal of household oil, fats, and grease, please visit: http://www.cleanwaterways.org/downloads/brochures/FOG_brochure_English.pdf

For additional information regarding storm water pollution, please visit: http://www.cleanwaterways.org/.  You also may report a spill or other unauthorized discharge into a storm drain to the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department at (713) 920-2831.

We appreciate your efforts in helping us keep our waterways clean!